quantitative analysist

Hur blir man en quantitative analysist och vad gör de?

hur kallar man det på svenska?
Selma 2008-05-08 01:26


Chris Wigh 2008-05-09
Här kommer enbra beskrivning av yrket + vilken bakgrund som är lämplig.
A quantitative analyst is a person who works in the investment industry as a research analyst applying numerical or quantitative techniques to investment issues. Similar work is done in most other modern industries, but the work is not called quantitative analysis. In the investment industry, people who perform quantitative analysis are frequently called quants.
Quants often come from physics, engineering or mathematics backgrounds rather than finance related fields, and quants are a major source of employment for people with physics, mathematics, and engineering Ph.Ds. Typically a quant will also need extensive skills in computer programming.

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