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I would like to ask what type of svenska som andra språk course do I have to complete if I would like to study in swedish at university. I am interested in KTH:s architecture or engineering bachelores but both are in swedish. I have completed SFI and I know that at Komvux it is available to learn svenska som andra språk but I would like to know if is there any other courses on any universities of Stockholm (for example Stockholm Un.) with I can manage to reach the requirements of swedish language level to apply for any sedish programmes.

Mvh Attila

Attila 2016-02-08 11:17


Chris Wigh 2016-02-09

Du måste läsa upp till Svenska som andraspråk 3 för att bli behörig att läsa på universitetet eller klara TISUS-test

Attila 2016-02-10

Yes, I know that I need svenska som andra språk 3. But I read that Stockholms University has svenska som andraspråk courses (three kurspaketer) and wanted to know that are these courses enough to be done to study bachelores on KTH.

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