Swedish Language Course in Komvux?

My name is Panos Tsapanidis. I have a Swedish citizenship but I went to school in Greece so I do not speak Swedish. The only contact I have with the Swedish language so far is a Swedish crash-course I completed a few months ago in Greece (Rivstart A1+A2).

I recently moved permanently to Sweden. I was wondering if you could tell me which course or academic institute would be more appropriate for my needs. I know about SFI but I was wondering if there is something different since  I have a Swedish citizenship. My residence is in Kista, Stockholm in case this plays any role.

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Panos Tsapanidis
Panos Tsapanidis 2010-06-28 03:10


Chris Wigh 2010-06-28
Contakt the adult education in Kista so they assess what level you will study at. I attach a link with contact information
Regards Chris,www.syoguiden.com
Me 2010-06-29
You will found some courses in swedish at Folkuniversitet, if you want to pay for it yourself

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