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I am a british citizen and I am interested in attending the tandsköterskeprogrammet in Gothenburg. I would like to ask you a few questions.

- Do I have to pay fee? Inwhich cade, hos much?

- Do I have to attend the programme in Swedish? Would I have to go to SFI to be able to apply?

- Do you have a "programme-requirement" for foreign/EU students?


I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

Ayaan 2016-09-21 18:59


MikaelaAare SYV 2016-09-28


Sorry for the delayed reply.

Get in touch with the programme here, hopefully they can answer your questions: http://www.vgregion.se/sv/folktandvarden/vastragotaland/Jobbutbildning/Tandskoterskeutbildning/

(couldn't find the information in English)

Best of luck!

Kind regards,


Blivande Studie-och yrkesvägledare

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