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Hej. Har tyvarr bara a-z. So Ill take it in english!

Put it shortly, what is the general level of maths you need to get into a good business school like Indiana Universitys Kelley Business School? I have maths C. I know that you usually take a test upon entering the college to put you in a certain place of maths. Still, are there any extra pre-requisites?

I emailed one of these many universities and this is the reply which I got:

""""""The math requirement for Fisher is either our Math 130 series or Math 150 series. Math 130 series is Mathematical Analysis of Business I (Math 130), II (Math 131) and III (Math 132). I is equations, inequalities, absolute value, polynomial functions, matrices, applications to business. II is differential calculus, limits, definition of derivatives, calculation of derivatives, curve sketching, applications. III is integral calculus, indefinite integration, area and definite integrals, improper integrals, functions of several variables, maxima, minima.""

""The Math 150 series is Elementary Functions (Math 150): inverse functions, logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions, and their graphs, complex numbers. Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (Math 151): limits, continuity, derivatives, Mean Value Theorem, extrema, curve sketching, related rates, differentiation of the trig, log, and exp functions. Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (Math 152): integrals, area, fundamental theorem of calculus, logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, methods of integration, applications of integration, polar coordinates. All students take a math skills assessment test, which will place them in the appropriate math level. """"""

Any ideas?

Tom 2009-09-11 02:33


Chris Wigh 2009-09-14
Jag tror det är svårt för dem att svara på den frågan och därför så gör man ett test. Jag kan inte innehållet i i mattekurserna så jag vet inte om de moment som de skriver ingår i kurserna.I Sverige räcker det med Ma C till ekonomutbildingarna. Jag tror du klarar dig med matte C eftersom de gör tester för att nivågruppera.
Hälsningar Chris,www,

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