Swedish 3 or swedish B

I need a Swedish B or Swedish 3 degree to enroll in Physiotherapy at the University of Karolinska, but I'm totally confused about the Swedish language's degrees
My question is exactly whether swedish B is b2?
If there is a difference, please tell me

Ramtin Sadigh 2019-06-08 11:48


Petra Öster Studie- och yrkesvägledare 2019-06-10


These are the courses that you get from a swedish gymnasium and not a specific languange test. International students can do languange test to qualify. You should contact Karolinska dierctly so they can help you with this. This is the person you should contact: https://medarbetare.ki.se/people/karegu?_ga=2.166260478.1143028756.1560160793-388590780.1550569002.

Lycka till!

Ramtin 2019-06-10

Tack så mycket för din användbar information

Ramtin sadigh

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