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Hi , my name is Thiago Trinsi, I teach music for more than 18 years, I am currently teaching in the High school in Herjedalen Sweden, I have a question here: How can I teach online through AllaStudier.se? I see many music courses there, I have many subjects in music I could teach! I am graduated in Music Performance, Music & Technology, Brazilian Jazz and I am also an Orchestrator certified by Berklee, please let me know how can I be a teacher teaching some programs or courses online like those I see when I search on Allastudier.


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Thiago Trinsi 2016-04-04 11:29


Chris Wigh Studie & yrkesvägledare 2016-04-05


Allastudier.se have no courses. AllaStudier.se is a website with information about courses
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