utbildning till översättare

29 jun 2017
Hi there, my name is Yvette Amende, German, living and working in Stockholm for about 4 years now. I have a Swedish partner and a 2 year old son. I would like to study to become a translator in the languages German, English and have some trouble finding out what sort of courses I can and should take. Maybe there is even some companies that train people in this field?! I have a degree from a german school for higher education in the economic field ( which in Germany means I could study in the same field at a Högskolan) but don´t quite understand what that means for the Swedish school system. I am interested in both studing at an university/högskolan or via distans. If you could help me to lead me in the right direction I would be otterly grateful. Please feel free to answer in Swedish. I do understand it well. Tack redan för hjälpen  Yvette


19 jul 2017
Hej Yvette! Ledsen att svaret har dröjt. Du kan börja med att få ett utlåtande av din tidigare utbildning av Universitets-och högskolerådet:https://www.uhr.se/bedomning-av-utlandsk-utbildning/ Här kan du se en översikt av utbildningar: http://www.oversattarcentrum.se/sv.html/bli-oversattare Och här: https://www.kurser.se/kurs/hitta?q=%C3%B6vers%C3%A4ttare Lycka till och ha en fin vecka!   Vänliga hälsningar, Mikaela Studie-och yrkesvägledare