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Human Rights and Democracy Clinic, Part I

Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm
Fristående kurser (avancerad nivå)
7.5 hp

Human Rights and Democracy Clinic, Part I

The course provides an advanced introduction to some of the methods and theories that inform the practical work of advancing human rights and democracy at different levels of society. Students will work in small sub-groups to plan and execute a project of relevance for human rights and democracy. The course includes a set of workshops where students will develop transferable skills like project planning, information gathering, analysis, report writing and oral presentation. The project will generate a short report documenting a current issue of relevance for the area of human rights and democracy. The course emphasizes the interplay between theory and practice, and especially how the interpretation of central concepts, legal frameworks and social processes shape what are considered as relevant problems and measures in the advancement of human rights and democracy.


The applicant must have a Bachelors degree in human rights studies or another related field in social or political science, law or the humanities. Students with undergraduate degrees in the natural sciences, engineering or medicine may also be admitted subject to their ability to demonstrate a proficiency in human rights, for instance through professional or voluntary work or activity.If English is not the applicants native language, his or her language proficiency is to be demonstrated by e.g. IELTS test, TOEFL test, Cambridge/Oxford test, a Bachelors degree from a study programme taught entirely in English, or a passing grade in English 6/English B from Swedish upper secondary school.Selection: Higher education credits.

Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm

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