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Master´s Program in Eastern Christian Studies, Distance Education

Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm
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Startdatum: Höst 2020 - Distans

Master´s Program in Eastern Christian Studies, Distance Education

The master’s program is a two-year program in which students acquire a deeper understanding of the field of Eastern Christian studies as well as proficiency in communicating in a scholarly way at an advanced level. A master’s program involves seminars, lectures and reading of set texts.A student can choose to finish his or her studies after one year of study in which case, if their work has met the required standard, they receive a magister’s degree (60 ECTS credits).The first year focuses on methods of study and the sources of our tradition and includes courses such as:Theory and method, focusing specifically on Eastern Christian StudiesSacred texts in Orthodoxy and how to read themMethods and sources for the study of PatristicsLiturgics and liturgical theologyIn the second year students specialize in one of the following three areas:The Church Fathers in their historical contextThe Church, its spirituality and its missionChurch organization and the relation of the Churches to one another and to the wider worldIn the second semester students write a thesis on a chosen area of study.


Bachelor's degree in theology/religious studies, 180 ECTS credits, with at least 60 credits credits in theology/religious studies, including an independent degree project and at least 15 credits in Eastern Christian Studies from Intermediate level, or equivalent.Proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognized test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS or the equivalent

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Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm

Välkommen till Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm! Vid EHS bedrivs utbildning i mänskliga rättigheter och religionsvetenskap/teologi. EHS blev pionjär genom att 1997 vara den första högskolan i landet att erbjuda ett tvärvetenskapligt utbildningsprogram i mänskliga rättigheter. Högskolan har kandidat- magister- och masterexamen...

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