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Masterprogram i redovisning och finansiell styrning

Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
Startdatum: Löpande - Göteborg

Masterprogram i redovisning och finansiell styrning

The Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management is a degree programme that prepares students for qualified work within the fields of accounting and financial management, both in the private and public sectors. With faculty active in research, practice and policy-setting, students will acquire both quantitative skills and an understanding of the importance of organizational context.  Upon graduation students will be well prepared for competing on an international job-market.

The programme offers 60 credits core courses, within managerial and financial accounting, financial management, and risk management. Furthermore, the programme contains a slot of 30 credits elective courses, either for further specialization within the field of accounting and financial management or for broadening of skills through taking courses from other Master's programmes at Graduate School. The program ends with a 30 credits Master Degree project.

Course content is based on theoretical and empirical research, and students benefit from the support of active researchers in relevant fields. Learning activities to ensure Information and Communication Technology proficiency and sustainability literacy are integrated throughout the two years of study.  Through lectures and work-assignments, students further develop their skills in oral and written communication, analytical problem solving and teamwork.

The programme provides insight into all the main functions of corporate accounting and finance departments, enabling students to compete for qualified positions in the international job market. Future prospects include positions such as managerial and financial controller, financial officer, financial reporting specialist, auditor, and financial analyst. Students from the programme are also eligible to pursue an academic career by applying to the Ph.D. programme upon graduation.


FÖRKUNSKAPSKRAV: Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized university and be able to demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognized test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS. The level of English must be equivalent to English 6/English B from Swedish Upper Secondary School. The applicant’s university education must include 1) 60 credits of Business Administration and 30 credits Economics or 60 credits of Economics and 30 credits Business Administration, and 2) a specialization in Accounting or Finance/Financial Management, and 3) a minimum of 15 credits in Statistics, or 7.5 hec in Statistics and 7.5 credits in quantitative methods and/or Mathematics.

URVAL: The selection of students is based on three groups. Group 1 and 2 are prioritized. Group 1: Students with GMAT or GRE General Test result. Students need a GMAT test result of 350 or higher. Students with a GMAT test result lower than 350 will be placed in selection group 3. (GRE General Test results are translated to an equivalent GMAT score.) Group 2: Students registered on Handelshögskolans Ekonomprogram, Logistikprogram or Samhällsvetenskapligt miljövetarprogram (inriktning uthålligt företagande eller miljöekonomi), that are guaranteed a place on one of the nine MSc programmes, offered by the Graduate School. The students are not guaranteed their first choice of programme. See information on how the selection is made. Group 3: Number of credits (maximum 225 credits). If there are places left when the selection has been made in group 1 and 2, eligible students in group 3 will be selected.

Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet

Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet

Handelshögskolan i Göteborg erbjuder fler perspektiv och många valmöjligheter för dig som vill läsa ekonomi eller juridik. Det gör dig redo för en öppnare, snabbare och mer komplex värld. Genom att studera vid Handelshögskolan i Göteborg  får du möjligheten att...

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Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet