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Startdatum: Höst 2020 - Stockholm

Bioteknologins etik

This course focuses on the ethical aspects of biotechnology.?

The first part of the course - (lectures 1-3 and seminar 1 - provide an introduction to moral philosophy. Normative theories like utilitarianism, duty ethics and virtue ethics are explained and problematized. We will also discuss other useful distinctions and notions in moral philosophy e.g. moral dilemmas, action guiding and moral relativism.?

The second part of the course (lectures 4-10 and seminars 2-4) focus on specific ethical problems and challenges in the field of biotechnology. These sessions are a mix between traditional lecturing and classroom discussions and the students are expected to partake actively. Topics include: ownership of biological material, ethics of different usage of gene technology, human enhancement, technology in healthcare (e.g. carebots) etc. We will also discuss concepts such as rights, justice, naturalness, privacy, autonomy, and risk.

An important part of this course is the course essay which is written individually by the student but supervised by the teacher. This gives the student an opportunity to apply ethical theory and analyze ethical issues attaching to a specific technology which is relevant for their education and of special interest to them. The essay is written throughout the course and each student will get feedback both from the teacher and another student during the work so that they can improve their essay before handing it in.?

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