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Lunds universitet
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Höst 2021

Höst 2021


Are you interested in the functions of the human body and want to contribute to reduce disease and suffer? Would you like to find a cure against diseases such as cancer and diabetes? Would you like to have an education that combines medicine and science with practical skills and applications?

Then, biomedicine is something for you. You will be tutored by active research scientists, some of them world leading in their fields. You will be part of a research environment from the very beginning and take part of the latest techniques and research results.

Current issues for biomedical scientists:

  • How can nanoparticles be used in cancer drugs?
  • Antibiotic resistance, what should we do when our medicines do not work anymore?
  • Can we create our own spare organs using stem cell technology?
  • How does genetics, environment, food and lifestyle affect our and our children's health?

After the training

The biomedicine program gives you the opportunity to move on in many areas after your bachelor's degree. You will become an expert in biomedical problem solving and acting as an important link between new biological knowledge and practical medical use.

The vast majority of graduated students choose to continue studying for a master's degree. After a master's degree, biomedical scientists can work with for example:

  • Research in academia or life science industry
  • Expert support for authorities and companies
  • Drug development and clinical trials
  • Bioentrepreneurship and market analysis
  • Medical writing and scientific journalism


Grundläggande behörighet + Biologi 2, Kemi 2, Matematik 4 eller Biologi B, Kemi B, Matematik D (områdesbehörighet 13/A13)

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Lunds universitet

Lunds universitet

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