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Magisterprogram i redovisning och finansiering

Lunds universitet
Program (avancerad nivå)
60 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2021 - Lund

Magisterprogram i redovisning och finansiering

Deepen your understanding about the capital markets and the financing decisions that businesses and organisations need to make, and explore how accounting and reporting decisions affect markets and companies with the MSc in Accounting and Finance. This programme will boost your professional career, delivering a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of key areas of accounting and corporate finance.

The MSc in Accounting and Finance is apt for students interested in careers across a wide range of organisations and sectors in the fields of business, consulting and finance. It also provides a substantial preparation for academic research in accounting or finance.

Accounting, corporate finance, and management control are closely related parts of the broader accounting and finance field. They all lie at the intersection where business strategy, processes, and information combine and represent critical functions in organizations to ensure that decisions, processes, and behaviours are consistent with corporate objectives and that strategies are related to performance.

The programme structure is flexible in that much of the course work consists of elective courses. This allows participants to design a preferred specialization within the broader area of accounting and corporate finance. All participants begin with common core courses that enhance essential capabilities covering, for example, strategic management accounting, the theory and practice of financial accounting, analyzing financial statements, and valuing companies. Remaining course work consists of elective courses in accounting, corporate finance, and management control.

A career in corporate finance, financial accounting, financial analysis, internal auditing and control, management control, treasury management, and related professions requires an advanced level of understanding of the theories and practices of accounting and finance. The programme meets this need and is founded on the idea that learning is fruitful when applied in practical decision contexts. Strong emphasis is put on training participants' abilities to discerningly and critically apply their knowledge in decision situations, and the programme makes intensive use of applications-oriented pedagogics, as well as challenging, team-based projects, cases, and experiments.

Given the high level of academic performance expected from participants, a significant amount of independent study and preparation is required for successful completion of the programme.

Career prospects

Graduates from the Master's programme in Accounting and Finance will typically pursue a career in accounting, financial services, financial management, or related sectors of the economy requiring an in-depth understanding of accounting and finance.

The career opportunities are broad and extensive in the areas that are at the core of this programme. After graduation you will be able to work both nationally and internationally as, for example, a financial analyst or investment banker, in internal audit, assurance, management consultancy, or as a chief financial officer (CFO), controller, treasurer, or other financial-management functions depending on your course combinations.


Programme specific requirements: An undergraduate degree (BA/BSc) with at least 90 ECTS in business administration, which must include a course in corporate finance/financial management and a course in financial accounting.Additional requirements for the specialisation in Corporate Finance: in addition to the programme specific admission requirements, the specialisation in Corporate Finance requires 15 credits in corporate finance/finance/financial management and a course in econometrics or statistics.Additional requirements for the specialisation in Accounting and management control: in addition to the programme specific admission requirements, the specialisation in Accounting and management control requires 15 credits in financial accounting or managerial accounting.

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