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Masterutbildning i logistik och styrning av försörjningskedjor

Lunds universitet
Program (avancerad nivå)
120 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2021 - Lund

Masterutbildning i logistik och styrning av försörjningskedjor

The programme aims to provide students with the resources, mindset and skills necessary to building a successful career in global logistics and supply chain management. Our courses are designed to give students both solid theoretical knowledge and 'hands-on' practical experience. They also offer many feature guest lecturers from industry as well as opportunities for students to visit and work with companies on assignments. The programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to the design, planning and management of supply chains and logistics strategies, networks, processes and systems. Students learn problem solving techniques that can be applied to both quantitative and qualitative models such as case studies, project work, business games and simulations.

Many of our teachers are internationally acclaimed researchers who provide students with comprehensive knowledge as well as pragmatic skills and abilities. After graduation, our students will have mastered functionally oriented problems and the ability to work cross-functionally and inter- organizationally to improve an organisation's performance.

Programme modules/courses

The first year starts with seven mandatory courses that are designed to give a comprehensive and solid knowledge base about logistics and supply chain management. Students will then get the opportunity to mix qualitative and quantitative elective courses, and create their own focus area, e.g. Packaging Logistics, Modelling & Simulation of Supply Chains, Cross Functional Process Integration or Humanitarian Logistics. There is also a mandatory course in research methodology and project management. The programme ends with a Master's thesis project that can be done in collaboration with industry.

  • Updated programme structure for Autumn 2018:
  • Full list of courses in this programme:

Career prospects

Industrial manufacturing firms and retailers are increasingly seeking well-educated personnel for positions such as supply chain managers, logistics managers, operations excellence developers and purchasers. Transportation firms, as well as logistics service providers such as management consulting firms and software vendors, now recognise the need for personnel with specialist skills within this area.

The profession is growing and graduates within logistics and supply chain management have a very interesting and broad job market. You can find employment in diverse areas such as purchasing, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, production, transportation, and supply chain management. You can also forge a career in manufacturing companies (all different sectors), trade and retail companies, logistics service providers, management consultancy firms, providers of logistics IS/IT, and in humanitarian organisations (UN, Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontieres) all around the world. Examples of Swedish firms close to Lund where many logistics and SCM professionals work include IKEA, Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval and Volvo.

Student profile
A good logistician is a practical 'doer' that likes to work cross functionally with other people to transform business. An analytical mindset and capability to handle numbers is needed to develop fact based recommendations. The students of this programme will study both qualitative and quantitative oriented courses together with our engineering students on MSc-level. The entry requirements are defined to guarantee that you can follow the more quantitative oriented courses of the programme.


Avlagd examen med inriktning mot industriell ekonomi, maskinteknik, logistik eller motsvarande. Den sökande måste ha fullgjort grundläggande matematiska kurser i analys och algebra motsvarande minst 20 högskolepoäng, en kurs i logistik eller verksamhetsutveckling (Operations management), en matematiskt orienterad kurs i statistik/sannolikhetslära samt en kurs i dataprogrammering. Engelska 6.

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