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Filmproduktion – Diploma

Met Film School - Study Abroad
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Filmproduktion – Diploma

The Practical Filmmaking Diploma includes all of the areas covered by students on the One-Year Practical Filmmaking course and further develops your skillset over an additional four-month period. The course also gives you the chance to complete another short film, which can be a narrative or documentary project, as well as training in analysing film, broadcast and new media. You will also take a module that focuses on learning advanced cinematography, sound and editing skills.

By the end of our Practical Filmmaking Diploma course you will have been involved in the production of a minimum of four films individually, and have taken part in numerous practical filmmaking exercises, some of which you could potentially use as showreel pieces. You will be proficient in directing, screenwriting, editing, directing actors for the camera, cinematography and sound design and recording. You will also have the opportunity to become an Apple-certified operator of Final Cut Pro if you successfully pass the Final Cut Pro Level 1 exam.

In addition to the practical elements of the course, you will also analyse film from a technical, aesthetic and historical perspective. Furthermore, you will understand the creative process of development and pitching by taking part in a module focused on developing your professional skills as an independent producer. This complete and comprehensive view of film will enable you to enter the industry confident in your practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of how it operates.

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Met Film School - Study Abroad

Välansedda Met Film School i London är unika med att de låter samliga sina studenter producera sitt eget filmmaterial. Met ligger till och med i ett filmstudieområde som de delar med bland andra BBC och olika independentfilmbolag. På skolans område...

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