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Communication and Media Studies (BCommun)

Murdoch University - Study Abroad
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Startdatum: Löpande - Perth

Communication and Media Studies (BCommun)

Communication and Media: No limits to future opportunities.

Whether it's traditional media (TV, newspaper and radio) or new media (social media, digital TV, digital radio or mobile applications), this course will give you the critical skills required to understand communications in an ever changing digital global industry.

You'll be learning from our lecturers who are active scholars, research-leaders and industry experts, and gain both theoretical and real-life insights into the power of communication via traditional and newer forms of media.

You'll learn how to understand and analyse media messages and their impact on society and culture. You'll discover how the media industry operates in a world characterised by rapid change, digitalisation and technological innovation.

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Bachelor of Communication

Murdoch University - Study Abroad

Murdoch University är ett välrenommerat universitet beläget på Australiens västkust i staden Perth som har 1,4 miljoner invånare. På den här skolan strävar man efter hög akademisk kvalitet och bra kontakter med näringsliv för att studenterna ska kunna bli så...

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