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Producent - Film och TV

New York Film Academy
Högskola / Universitet
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Producent - Film och TV

Producent - Film och TV

The New York Film Academy's Film and Television Producing Program is housed within our film school and is designed to illuminate one of the most important and misunderstood jobs in film and television. Students eager to control their own destiny in the business world of film and television will flourish in this intensive hands-on program. It is geared to students with little or no experience in producing, but who recognize that an intensive and demanding program, much like the job of producing itself, will provide them with the knowledge they seek.

Students are treated as Producers throughout the duration of the course, and are challenged at each step of the way. Students are encouraged, but not required; to bring a piece of intellectual property - a book, screenplay, show concept or treatment - at the beginning of the course. Throughout the year students will take this project through the various stages of development - pitch, treatment, script, talent search, budget, schedule, and plans for marketing and distribution.

Students will learn the real-word strategies for successful producing and have opportunities to make the actual contacts needed within the film and television industry. Students must be prepared for full-days of intensive work five to six days a week, throughout the entire year. They must be committed to a fast-paced, intensive learning and production schedule, and willing to work collaboratively with our Film School and Acting School students. The program is offered at our film schools in New York and Los Angeles.

Academic level: Associate’s degree and certificate Producing for Film and Television programs for high school graduates, Master’s degrees for university graduates.

Start date: There are two intakes each year for degree and certificate programs, in January and September of each calendar year.

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy is recognized as one of the most innovative and dynamic film and acting conservatory schools in the world, offering specialized, hands-on programs in New York City; Universal Studios, Los Angeles; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Brisbane Australia;...

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