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Förskoledidaktik med inriktning mot matematik och teknik

Stockholms universitet
Grundnivå (Högskole- och Kandidatexamen)
12 hp
Startdatum: Vår 2020 - Stockholm
Sista ansökan: 2019-10-14

Förskoledidaktik med inriktning mot matematik och teknik

Early Childhood Education focusing on Mathematics and Technology, 12 ECTS credits
This course introduces the field of mathematics. It covers both children's and the students' own relationship to mathematics, as well as mathematical learning theories related to gender. The course considers children's mathematical activities and exploration in their daily lives.

In the course, mathematics is treated as a language and studied using practical-aesthetic and multimodal forms of expression including signs and symbols, games, and ICT. The use of pedagogical documentation is extended as a tool to monitor and challenge learning processes as well as to reflect on the students’ own pedagogical actions.

The course content is consistently discussed in relation to the task of a preschool teacher and the objectives of the curriculum, for example:
- the importance of play for children's use of mathematics,
- how children create meaning from the study of signs and symbols.

For students interested in studying 30 ECTS credits during one semester, two other courses in early childhood education are also offered;
- Early Childhood Education focusing on Science and Education for Sustainability, 12 ECTS credits
- Early Childhood Education: Explorative Learning, 6 ECTS credits

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60 högskolepoäng på grundnivå. Engelska B/Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.

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