Visa som: Mobil

Klassisk och efterklassisk litteratur

Stockholms universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
7.5 hp
Startdatum: Vår 2020 - Stockholm
Sista ansökan: 2019-10-14

Klassisk och efterklassisk litteratur

This course deals with classical and post-classical literature through certain themes. These include amongst others issues concerning periodisation and genre classification and the development of a "classical" literary canon. Close readings of primary sources from both antiquity and the middle ages will focus on how questions such as these were viewed and debated by the Latin and Greek authors themselves.


Kunskaper motsvarande Latin - kandidatkurs, 30hp, och Engelska B/Engelska 6, eller Grekiska - kandidatkurs, 30hp, och Engelska B/Engelska 6.

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