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Applied Sports Coaching

Umeå universitet
Grundnivå (Högskole- och Kandidatexamen)
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Applied Sports Coaching

Education is a scientific discipline where knowledge is created about the processes through which the human being is formed and about the changes in social, cultural and historical circumstances in which these processes are embedded. The pedagogical field deals with, for example, different aspects of upbringing, education, learning, teaching and other processes. In sport pedagogy these processes are studied within a sport framework. Questions, for example, can be raised regarding how and why certain values, knowledge and skill arise, how and why they are maintained, and how they vary within and between generations, groups and individuals.

The teaching- and coaching process are problematised within sports. Theoretical knowledge about different leadership styles, coaching philosophies and other factors affecting individual and group performances will be taken into practice and analyzed within the sports practice.


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