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Textilekonom – Fashion Business

Istituto Marangoni - Milano - Study Abroad
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Textilekonom – Fashion Business

Today's designers have evolved. They don't only create clothing, they also create lifestyles. To succeed in the fashion world, Fashion Designers need more than just an idea and a quick sketch on a sheet of paper. They need to think culturally too.

Fashion Designers are responsible for research and style. They inspire fashion trends, create collections for clothing, textiles and accessories, and manage creativity, technology, information and trends. Designers can create their own line or choose to work for companies as well as research, style and consulting studios. At Istituto Marangoni, we favour a multidisciplinary approach.

From the techniques of design and pattern making to the history of fashion and art, from marketing and sociology to understanding new technologies, we will teach you everything you need to know to create a winning product. The possibilities that are then open to you are endless: from womenswear to menswear, eyewear to swimwear, publishing to image, fashion trends to styling, teaching to graphic design and illustration.

This programme is the creative heart of the school. Every year it prepares a new generation of fashion designers who present themselves to the fashion world with a great fashion event. This first professional experience of the industry also serves as an excellent entry into the job world.

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Bachelor's degree

Istituto Marangoni - Milano - Study Abroad

Istituto Marangoni grundades i Milano 1935 och har sedan dess utbildat för mode- och designbranschen. Idag finns campus även i London och Paris. Istituto Marangoni har mycket goda kontakter med de största modehusen. Bland gamla studenter kan nämnas Domenico Dolce...

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Istituto Marangoni - Milano - Study Abroad