Aspects of Sweden

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Startdatum: Höst 2024 - Karlstad

Aspects of Sweden

The course Aspects of Sweden provides the students with an introduction to Sweden. The course explores historical events that has formed modern Sweden, what role religion plays in Swedish culture, and how the Swedish political system is structured. Thus, the course aims to provide the students with a broad outline of what has formed Sweden as it is 'today' by providing insights into Sweden's history, geography, cultural patterns, as well as Sweden's social, political, and economic systems. The course is a collaboration between the subjects History, Religion, and Political Science at the Department of Political, Historical, Religious and Cultural Studies at Karlstad University. Comments from previous students:"I feel since completing the course that it has really broadened my understanding of Swedish culture and made me more interested in Swedish history.""All the teachers really know their subject, they are professional and always approachable.""The assessments are very useful because you need to research further and explore topics that particularly interest you and it reinforces the classroom learning.""The course examinations are a group work collaboration and presentation and an individual home examination.""I think the mix is perfect, keep it as is!"The course was designed with exchange students in mind. The course is given in English.


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