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Film - Creating and producing

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Film - Creating and producing - Molkoms folkhögskola

Film - Creating and producing

Two year film education with the possibility of certification in steadicam and diving along with basic edication in under water photography. We offer modern equipment, a black-box recording studio, access to actors as well as an emphasis on practical training, rather than theoretical.

The program is a two-year, tertiary education open for international students and all teaching is conducted in the English language.

During your time here you will participate in the making of several movies, most of them in close cooperation with the schools acting program. Our main focus is content and storytelling which is the reason we spend a lot of time analyzing as well as giving and receiving feedback. You will also be given the opportunity to try many of the professions involved in the film making process and get basic knowledge of self-employment.

Contacts with the film industry

During training you will meet several guest lecturers who are professionally active in the industry and experts within certain areas, for example screenwriters, playwrights, actors and directors.

We also travel to FEST New Directors New Films Festival in Portugal during year one. In year two we make at study trip to the Mediterranean together with the Acting program from our school and the purpose is partly to make movies in a foreign environment and partly to become a certified diver and learn the basics of underwater photography. Costs for flights, accomodation and diving certificate are included in the Technique and Travel Fund.

You will also be offered to visit other film festivals and theater perfomances during your education, these are not mandatory and costs are not included in the Technique and Travel Fund.

Teaching content

During the first year you will learn to explore and get to know different features in the process of making a movie. Two very important key elements are dramaturgy and how to write movie scripts.
During the second year our main focus is directing and photography. This will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the things you are most interested in, for instance directing, script writing, photography/lighting, editing, or producing.

Networking and cooperation at the school

During several projects we work together with Region Värmlands movie consultants. Most of the movies are created in close cooperation with the schools acting program.

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Year 1 (41 weeks)

You will learn how to work with a manuscript, from preparations to the actual writing process and on to a filmable material. You will also learn how to plan and prepare a post-production. You will work with Sony FS7 and learn the basics in "staging & blocking". The courses will alternate between theory and practice. You also learn how to operate Ronin 2.

  • Digital video technology, filming and post-processing (editing, post-production)
  • Visual storytelling and framing
  • Lighting, audio recording, pre-processing
  • Directing, communication and stress management
  • Dramaturgy, analysis and basic scriptwriting
  • Film history
  • Production methods and marketing
  • Production planning, budget and planning the filming process
  • The methodology of the project
  • Steadicam with certification
  • Study trips

Year 2 (39 weeks)

During year two you will work in larger groups and be prepared to meet the industry requirements. Throughout this year you will work with Sony F55/FS7 (with PL-framing and 6 lenses), practical introduction to underwater- and aerial photography as well as VR (virtual reality) from a movie perspective. During the second year you will also participate in producing a web series. The courses will alternate between theory and practice.

  • Digital video technology, filming and post-processing (editing, post-production)
  • Visual storytelling and framing
  • Lighting, audio recording, pre-processing
  • Directing, communication and stress management
  • Dramaturgy, analysis and basic scriptwriting
  • Work experience
  • Production methods and marketing
  • Production planning, budget and planning the filming process
  • The methodology of the project
  • Study trips

Own equipment/borrow equipment

Molkoms folkhögskola provides all equipment for your movie productions and training.

Application and admissions process

To provide a valid application you need to send in:

  • Birth certificate 
  • Personal letter
  • Copies of educational transcripts
  • Eventual previous employers´ certificates
  • Certificates, references
  • Previous experience
  • Digital copies of work samples. For example, manuscripts, photographs, movies.

Together with your application you need to attach a movie idea and a manuscript. If you have a movie on DVD, or as a digital copy, it should be attached in H264 format. Remember to make sure it is playable. You can also send your work via email with a working Internet link. Bear in mind that your work samples should show your ability to express yourself.


Molkom Folk High School’s six dormitories have a number of 64 rooms in total. All are single rooms, a small number of them with their own bathroom.

The rooms are furnished with a bed (including mattress), desk, chair, bookshelf, bedside lamp and clothes closet. We also have a few rooms where dogs and cats are allowed (after clearing this with our house prefect). In case of room shortage we will apply twin bedroom placing at the beginning of the semester.

Accommodation includes rent for your room 7 days a week and full board Monday-Thursday (breakfast, lunch and dinner), Fridays include breakfast and lunch.

Accommodation cost 20120/2021 Single room 4725-5130 SEK/4 weeks Single room with bathroom 5330 SEK/4 weeks. 

The accommodation cost is billed monthly in advance. Since months vary in length, the monthly cost vary as well. When you receive your first bill you will also be presented with a preliminary billing plan for the rest of the semester.

During the Christmas holidays you only pay half the rent. During other breaks (one week or longer) there is no boarding cost. Termination of your accommodation agreement (before the school year has ended), is due 30 days in advance


For international students outside of the EU/EES or Switzerland there are three fees to be paid. Tuition fee, Service fee and a Technique and Travel Fund.

For international students inside of the EU/EES or Schweiz there are two fees to be paid. Service fee and a Technique and Travel Fund.

Tuition fee for students outside of the EU/EES and Switzerland

25.000 SEK/semester

Our international students are offered admittance outside of the governmental subsidy. The governmental subsidy is mainly to ensure students with Swedish citizenship education free of charge. This is why international students have a Tuition fee and students with Swedish citizenship have not.

To accept your admission

Youconfirm your position by paying the tuition fee of 25.000 SEK for the first semester.

There are no scholarships available.

Molkoms folkhögskola

Välkommen till Molkoms Folkhögskola!

Vill du söka vidare till högre studier eller har du ett intresse inom film, skådespeleri eller hälsa som du vill utveckla eller jobba med? Då kan Molkoms folkhögskola vara platsen för dig. Du kommer studera i trevliga lokaler med modern...

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Preliminärt program:

11.00 Scener ur “Tre systrar” av Anton Tjechov (live)

11:40 Inspelat material Hälsotränare

11.50 Chatt med studerande (live)

12.10 Inspelat material Film (del1)

12.30 Scener ur “Den skalliga primadonnan” av Eugen Ionesco (live)

13:10 Inspelat material Animation (del1)

13:20 Digital rundvandring på skolan

13:40 Inspelat material Film (del 2)

14.00 Scener ur “Mässa för fyra masker” av Christer Brosjö (live)

14:40 Inspelat material Animation (del 2)

14:50 Chat med studerande (live)

15:00 Inspelat material Film (del 3)

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