Kyrko- och missionsstudier: Kristendom och nationalism

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Startdatum: Vår 2025 - Distans
Sista ansökan: 2024-08-15

Kyrko- och missionsstudier: Kristendom och nationalism

Is Christianity nationalist by nature or quite the contrary? If not nationalist, then what accounts for a perplexing alliance between nationalist movements and politicians and churches? Does nationalism hijack Christianity or are Christian churches forming alliances with politicians in to further their interests? Such questions arise when pondering the relationship between Christianity and politics in the USA, Russia, Brazil, Europe and beyond. This course helps you to form a nuanced and multifaceted picture of the historical interdependencies and interchange between Christianity and nationalism both in present and in the past, globally.

Christianity has a special relationship to nationalism and modern statecraft, and thereby politics, because both the notion of nation and the modern political systems have evolved in dialogue or at times fundamental conflict with Christianity. In this course, we will deliberate the most central theories about the emergence of nationalism and the role of Christianity in them. Additionally, we familiarize ourselves with various types of relationships between different nationalisms and Christian denominations. Additionally, you will have the chance of concentrating on one specific case that you have chosen.

The course is offered online, and it requires approximately 10 h/week work consisting of online seminars and lectures, writing, and presenting of papers as well as reading of literature.

To be eligible for bachelor's courses you must meet the entry requirements. Even if you hold a higher academic degree, you need to document your basic knowledge of English and also add your upper secondary school records at the same time you apply. The time window is very narrow to complement this later. Please read carefully the instructions at the following pages:

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