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Major in Fine Arts (BA)

The American university of Paris
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Major in Fine Arts (BA)

The Fine Arts Major offers students the unique experience of discovering the world and themselves by learning to manipulate plastic media in the context of Paris, the artistic paradise that has been a magnet for artists for centuries. As part of the Art History Department, students learn about the artistic past while discovering their own talent through a rigorously structured art studio program. They learn to solve problems in alternative ways and to develop a critical view of their own work. Creation is a discipline that can be learned only by practice. Mastery implies fluidity of expression and understanding of the world in relation to the self. Individual attention is given to each student and each is encouraged to develop their own vision. The result is  personal confidence and freedom of spirit strengthening the abilities of any student regardless of his or her eventual chosen field or profession.

Paris provides a magnificent location to study studio art and to discover your talents as you explore new techniques of expression. Whether you are a Fine Arts major or just want to take a creative class, our program gives the opportunity participate in the magical beauty of this historical center of the arts.

The American university of Paris

Coursework Masters (40 credits)

 AUP University Profile We are the thinkers, the travelers, the creators, the leaders – the individuals who have chosen to live and learn internationally, finding our placewithin a powerful community that begins in the heart of Paris. We cultivate critical...

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The American university of Paris


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