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Major in Urban Studies (BA)

The American university of Paris
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Major in Urban Studies (BA)

Urban Studies has grown out of the humanities, social sciences and technical skills-based areas of knowledge providing it with critical perspectives and professional outlets. Contributions to the field of Urban Studies can be found across the divisions of the university, including courses and visits to cities in Europe and into Africa and Asia. The Urban Studies Major integrates these teaching and research opportunities into a coherent program with introductory courses and methodological foundations. Through the major, the connection between AUP and the city is articulated into an “urban learning experience” that does not end at the boundaries of each discipline.

The American university of Paris

Coursework Masters (40 credits)

 AUP University Profile We are the thinkers, the travelers, the creators, the leaders – the individuals who have chosen to live and learn internationally, finding our placewithin a powerful community that begins in the heart of Paris. We cultivate critical...

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The American university of Paris

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