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Master of Arts in Cultural Translation

The American university of Paris
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Master of Arts in Cultural Translation

The Master of Arts in Cultural Translation is a unique initiative, the first of its kind. A recent panel at the Modern Language Association asserted that cultural translation is 'the most important concept in cultural theory today.'

Translation has never been only a linguistic activity; translators negotiate between two cultures, they create pathways for meaning where there were none, and they find themselves intimately engaged – ethically, politically, creatively – with distant and different worlds and lives.

The field of Cultural Translation takes the creativity and rigor of the practice of translation, and the deep reflection of contemporary theories of translation, and brings them into active debate with our world. Questions from the humanities meet questions from political science or from international business, as we try to understand and to inhabit the forms of life that are emerging locally and globally.

The American university of Paris

Coursework Masters (40 credits)

 AUP University Profile We are the thinkers, the travelers, the creators, the leaders – the individuals who have chosen to live and learn internationally, finding our placewithin a powerful community that begins in the heart of Paris. We cultivate critical...

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The American university of Paris

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