Magisterprogram i Managing People, Knowledge & Change

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Startdatum: Höst 2024 - Lund

Magisterprogram i Managing People, Knowledge & Change

The Masters programme in Managing People, Knowledge and Change enables you to pursue a career in fields such as management consultancy, strategy, human resources and general management.

Managing people, knowledge and change requires understanding of excellent leadership. This programme facilitates for learning about the relevance and significance of leadership by providing you with a better understanding of the various challenges facing the practising manager and consultant in contemporary organizations. It features a solid combination of both in-depth business knowledge and knowledge of human resources.

The programme draws inspiration from internationally recognised research areas of the professors on the programme. These include the fields of knowledge management, identity, organisational culture, human resource management, managerial work, leadership and strategic change. The programme emphasises the strategic nature of the contemporary challenges associated with managing organisations and work. You will learn how to apply theoretical concepts, models and tools in order to identify and solve real problems as they may appear in organisations. Emphasis on developing problem identification and problem-solving skills is commonly facilitated by drawing on a substantial number of written and real-life organisational case analyses and dialogues. While this provides an essential practical context to the learning experience it also supports and boost understanding of the significance of concepts, models and tools.

The programme aims at introducing, explaining and applying the methodological aspects of studying organisations, especially in terms of interventions aimed at bringing about organisational change.

We adopt a student-centred approach to teaching and learning. The aim is to increase your capacity for advanced problem identification and problem solving, resulting in improved decision-making abilities. These capacities are increasingly regarded as crucial to master, considering the many complex and tough challenges that modern organisations regularly face. Our courses are based on state-of-the-art research in each particular field, and we encourage students to improve their skills in terms of both critical thinking and practical application.

Following the idea of taking international inspiration, the program also has an established collaboration with the program Master Human Resources at Bologna Business School at Bologna University where we are currently developing exchange of students. Acknowledging for the importance of recognizing the challenges of contemporary organizations the program has also established collaborations with leading organizations in different industries. Among these are Capgemini, regularly visiting and conducting workshops and seminars around consultancy work and careers.

This programme is for you who would like to master the process of organisational change and how to make it happen as a leader, manager or consultant.

International Master Class
Students with exceptional study results during the first semester at this programme, may compete for seats at the International Master Class programme. An International Master Class is a highly competitive opportunity to go on an exchange semester after finishing your Masters studies at LUSEM.

Career prospects
The Masters programme in Managing People, Knowledge and Change enables you to pursue a career in a variety of fields such as general management, strategy, human resources, sustainability, marketing, project and change management as well as consultancy.

The programme provides knowledge and experiences that will prepare you for future management positions in a broad range of industries and organisations such as banking, finance, consulting, health and beauty, retailing and consumer products companies as well as in entrepreneurial endeavours and start-ups all over the world. Some common organizations that you will find graduates of the programme working in are Accenture, PwC, Earnest & Young, Nordea, IKEA, Cap Gemini, LOréal, Deloitte and Handelsbanken.


Examen på grundnivå (kandidatexamen) med minst 60 högskolepoäng i företagsekonomi. Engelska 6.

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