Management i multinationella företag

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Management i multinationella företag

Do you dream about working with management in a large Multinational Enterprise (MNEs), such as ABB, Coca Cola, Apple, H&M, Unilever, Volvo, Philips, or Spotify? In this course, we aim to increase and examine your knowledge of how Multinational Enterprises are managed by providing literature, lectures, debates, blogs, panels, conferences, and work placement activities. In the first five weeks of the course, you will be challenged to analyze and debate the three main managerial issues of the MNEs, i.e., coordination and control within the MNEs, Knowledge transfer within the MNE, Politics and ERS (Ethics - Responsibility - Sustainability) within MNEs. Each theme starts with a lecture, followed by a panel of practitioners, and finishes with you (i.e., students) blogging and debating on the topic. At the end of the three themes, a home exam will be held. The course then continues with another five weeks, four weeks of either a project group work or an individual work placement track depending on your choosing, followed by a week of examination. The course is advanced and thus demands a high effort and good time management from you and your groups. The various learning activities in this course provides you with multiple opportunities to examine different areas related to the issue of management in MNEs. In the spring of 2022, the work placement period is from the 21st of February to the 18th of March 2022 coupled with a final week of examination at Campus (March 21st-25th).By the 21st of January 2022, the students interested in pursuing the work placement track must find the work placement themselves and hand in one written page where they reflect upon how the work placement is providing them the opportunity to achieve the learning outcome of this course. They also need to submit the work placement agreement (that is sent to them via email) to be approved by the course management team.


60 hp företagsekonomi med successiv fördjupning, varav 45 hp ska vara godkända vid kursstart. Av dessa ska 15 hp ska vara på nivå G1F. Dessutom krävs En B/En 6.

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