Masterprogram, marina system - spår Management (Endast sökbart för KTH:s civilingenjörsstudenter, åk 3)

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Startdatum: Höst 2024 - Stockholm

Masterprogram, marina system - spår Management (Endast sökbart för KTH:s civilingenjörsstudenter, åk 3)

Naval Architecture is a multidisciplinary subject with a strong emphasis on systems engineering and engineering design. Graduating students will possess knowledge and experience of the complete processes of conception, design, modeling, implementation and operation of boats, ships, marine installations and other complex systems, along with deep theoretical knowledge in related topics such as lightweight structures, fluid mechanics and management. The programme is characterised by a progressive learning environment with the student in focus, and has a reputation of educating creative and skillful engineers for the maritime sector as well as for other branches of engineering.Programme outlineThe programme consists of a core track of studies and three optional tracks. In the core, students will develop their general knowledge and skills in ship design, marine innovation, systems engineering, and a theoretical foundation in ship hydrostatics and stability, resistance and propulsion, waves, seakeeping, maneuvering, and ship structures. By choosing one of the tracks, students will have the opportunity to develop deeper understanding and skills in Lightweight Structures, Fluid Dynamics, and Management. There is also room for elective courses, where students will have ample opportunity to broaden their education or specialise in sailing craft, small craft or in other areas suitable for individual interests and career goals.Degree projectThe programme is finalised with an individual study in the form of a degree project. The project topic can, for example, be a small research project, an advanced engineering analysis or a design project, and may be performed at a university or, more commonly, at a company with suitable infrastructure to provide sufficient supervision and resources. Students should be active in the process of finding a suitable project and KTH can provide some assistance with information on relevant points of contact. Foreign students are recommended to find a project in their country of permanent residence or in the country where they intend to start a professional career.Career prospectsThe multidisciplinary character of naval architecture, and the structure and curriculum of the programme, make the education relevant for careers in the maritime sector as well as in other fields. Within the maritime sector, Swedish companies are leaders in a number of areas, such as ship design, ship operation, propulsion systems and design and construction of high-technology ships and small craft. Naval architects are also employed by state authorities such as the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Defence Material Administration. Significant international employment markets can also be found in the other Nordic countries, in other parts of the EU and in the large shipbuilding nations in Asia.

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