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Magisterprogram i IT-projektledning

Stockholms universitet
Program (avancerad nivå)
60 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2021 - Distans
Sista ansökan: 2021-01-14

Magisterprogram i IT-projektledning

The Programme is provided entirely at distance and enables you to choose the time and place for your studies. The idea is that the program will be available to all, regardless of where you are located in the world.
The training is ideal for anyone wishing to continue their education or to combine work with studies, but who has limited ability to regularly attend lectures and seminars. The focus of the program is project management in the field of IT and on light weight models such as Kanban, Scrum and the like. The program will help you establish a solid foundation in project management knowledge and skills.
CareerGraduates of the programme will be eligible for positions as project managers in almost any field within the IT industry, in large or small organisations. Graduates may also enter Ph.D. programmes for a research career.
Programme outlineThe program is offered online as part time studies in order to fit different types of students life-situations. We will start by examining digitization as a catalyst for change in our society simply because a lot of what we as IT professionals will be doing is related to digitization. The program will then make the connection between business strategies and IT strategies through the project portfolio. This should serve as a solid foundation for the coming courses that will focus more on skills and the craft of project management. Coupled with leadership and methodology courses, this should give you a very strong and competitive base to build a career on.
Required supporting documentationAlong with your supporting documents at, you are required to submit a separate form with a list of proof of specific entry requirements. Read more information and download the form here


Examen om minst 180 hp inklusive ett självständigt arbete om minst 15 hp samt Engelska 6, eller motsvarande. Samt minst 60 hp inom data- och systemvetenskap, informatik eller motsvarande.

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Stockholms universitet

Stockholms universitet

Stockholms universitet

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