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Miljöarkeologi - fördjupning i teorier och metoder II

Umeå universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
7.5 hp
Startdatum: Vår 2020 - Umeå
Sista ansökan: 2019-08-14

Miljöarkeologi - fördjupning i teorier och metoder II

Environmental archaeology uses theories and methods both developed within the discipline as well as those adapted from other areas of science, including Quaternary sciences, Ecology, Anthropology and others. Advanced tools, including as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and quantitative environmental reconstruction are used in combination with more fuzzy theories of human activity to try to understand changes in the past; both pre and post Anthropocene. Data from pollen cores, fossil insects, geoarchaeology and other proxies are integrated to help interpret archaeological sites and the landscapes around them. This course will provide the opportunity to study a number of these methods from an interdisciplinary perspective, and engage in practical exercises in the use of GIS, environmental reconstructions and the interpretation and presentation of environmental data.


Univ: 90 hp kurser i arkeologi, miljöarkeologi, geologi, miljökemi, naturgeografi, eller motsvarande, samt Miljöarkeologi - fördjupning i teorier och metoder 15 hp, eller motsvarande. En A och svenska för grundläggande behörighet för högskolestudier (om kursen ges på svenska). 

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